Electrical Installations of Lights and Movement


The “Doukakis Electricity” company has been engaged in the field of electrical installations since 1975.

Our many years of presence in the domain of construction and in particular electrical installations is characterized by high quality services. It is our consistency, dependability and efficiency that dictates our cooperation with our clients. Therefore we have undertaken significant projects such as:

  • Eteca SA (Oil company)
  • Opel Spanos
  • Urban Development of Peiraias
  • Atromitos Football Field
  • Atromitos Football Training Field
  • Gaitanis Construction Company
  • N. Ionia Cultural Centre
  • Polytechnic University in Goudi
  • Makrinos Construction Company
  • Kyriakidis Construction Association
  • Stanis Construction Company

Our company offers thorough services package concerning electrical installations, we also assume their construction and maintenance.

Responding to all increasing demands of our time, we efficiently undertake any type of electrical installation giving immediate, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Our constant update and specialization in new technology matters enable us to implement operative solutions and the abiity
to create high quality facilities extending over the whole spectrum of electrical applications (industrial) sites, hotels, residences, office blocks, shops, etc).

We aim at carrying out responsibly Functional and safe electrical installations using high quality and enduring materials.